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09/25/14 Orientation
FACES This module is an introduction to the roles and procedures and an overview of the New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) child welfare system. Included is a summary of the need... Read More
09/20/14 The Challenging Adolescent: Strategies that Work
COT This course covers a variety of behavior management strategies that help participants parent an adolescent who may have a history of abuse/neglect. Included is an overview of skills, techniques, and i... Read More
09/22/14 Embracing Normalcy in Out-of-Home Placements
RCCT This training explores normalcy in out of home placements. Participants will learn the history of normalcy, along with recognizing age appropriate norms and developmental milestones. Focus will be pla... Read More
09/24/14 About the Birth Parent
Relatively Speaking This module introduces some of the issues, strengths and emotions that parents of the child in relative care may have. Topics include the effects of substance abuse, domestic violence, mental illness,... Read More

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