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05/30/15 Experiencing Grief & Loss
FACES This module explores how transitions impact the placement process of children and families. The focus includes the grieving process, attachment, strategies to integrate a child(ren) into a new resourc... Read More
05/30/15 Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma
COT This course explores the effects of traumatic experiences on children. Resource parents learn how trauma impacts the development, emotions, and behaviors of children at different ages, techniques for ... Read More
06/04/15 Staff Roles and Responsibilities
RCCT This course provides residential counselors with an understanding of their multifaceted role in the care and well-being of children in residential facilities. Emphasis is placed on daily routines and ... Read More
07/08/15 About the Child
Relatively Speaking This module provides an explanation for relative caregivers of the various benefits and challenges to a child who is in your care. It discusses the importance of developing a trusting relationship as ... Read More


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Save the Date - NHFAPA Conference


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Dr. Ross Greene at Spaulding Youth Center

Better Together and NHFAPA Conference Coordinator Position


Better Together and NHFAPA Conference Coordinator Position