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10/09/14 The Developing Child
FACES This module focuses on the theories of child and adolescent development. The domains of physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and sexual development are discussed as well as variations from usual de... Read More
10/04/14 Documentation for Court and Case Review
COT This course assists caregivers in understanding the court process and the importance of documentation and communication in best meeting the needs of children in their care. Focus is on accurate report... Read More
10/03/14 Substance Abuse: Adolescents and Families
RCCT This course will define and examine the impact of substance abuse on the adolescent, within the family system, and our communities. Stages of addiction will be explored along with the topics of preven... Read More
10/08/14 About You
Relatively Speaking This module explores the roles, relationships and feelings that come with parenting a relative's child. The stages of family development and relationships are identified and explained. Skills will be ... Read More

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